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Welcome to my page!


Hey there, I'm Alexandra. Most people know me as Goldy, but you can call me whatever you want. I'm a trash in general, who likes to talk about Marvel and favorite actors/characters.

My (inactive at this moment) Skype account is wendijosh, you can add me if you want. But please, include your DeviantArt username when sending an invitation. I might accept it, depends of how much I know you and if I want to talk with you.

Main fandoms I'm in
• Assassin's Creed
• Marvel
• X-Men
• Uncharted 4
• The Martian
• Parks and Rec

Fav YT channels
• Pyrocynical
• I Hate Everything
• GargamelVlog
• iDubbbzTV
• PewDiePie
• ahus

Don't be afraid to talk to me, I usually don't bite.

Which did you like more? 

94 deviants said Tangled
23 deviants said Frozen




In the case of the spring-locks come loose while you are wearing the suit, please try to maneuver away from populated areas before bleeding out, as to not ruin the customers' experience.

Every watch, fav, comment or donation is really appreciated!

Hey you're doing great! Most people don’t last this long. I mean, you know, they usually move on to other things by now. I'm not implying that they died. Th-th-that’s not what I meant.


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allisonneal Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Give This Rose
_ _ _ _ _ /)_ _ _/)/¯"""/')
To Everyone You Care About ♥.
nessie904 Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2016
[pterodactyl screech]
aminoacylo-tRNA i ATP aYYYYYYY LMAO UAG 
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Brzozan Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2016  Hobbyist
Helena mam zawał 
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Brzozan Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2016  Hobbyist
Rick ty patafianie 
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candy-glitch Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
It’s the Nutshack! (Yee, yee)

It’s the Nutshack! (What he say?)

It’s the Nutshack! (Oh, yes! Yeeeah)

It’s the Nutshack! (Hey, I got the Nutshack!)

It’s the Nutshack! (‘The fuck you say, boyee?)

It’s the Nutshack! (It’s the Nutshack!)

It’s the Nutshack! (It’s the Nutshack!)

It’s the Nutshack! (It’s the Nutshack…)

It’s the Nutshack! (Hey!)

It’s the Nutshack! (Piece a’ nuts!)

It’s the Nutshack! (Whoooa!)

It’s the Nutshack!


Phil’s from the stone, Jack’s from the pier,

Horatio or Horat so beer!

Tito Dick “Dickman”, baby!

He hates Phil and loves the ladies.

Jack’s cool-ass lazy, he’s still learnin’.

Number one Cherry Pie, still a virgin.

Chita, meet da freak of da weekah!

Phil’s homegirl that Jack wanna keep her,

But that’s not happenin’, either!

Shakin’ like a seizure, hold up, boys

and spark this, take a breather.

With that reefer in my lungs,

I got grapes, what you watchin’, son?

It’s the Nutshack! (Yah!)

It’s the Nutshack! (AAAAARRRGH!)

It’s the Nutshack!

It’s the Nutshack!

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